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Mining Hosting FAQ

Welcome to the Bitcoin Mining Hosting FAQ! We've put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand key information about our hosting services and locations.

1. Is there insurance for the mining equipment?

USA: Yes, for a fee of USD 25 per device per year
Russia (Northern Europe and Asia): No, but armed security guards and 24/7 staff, alarm systems and camera surveillance
Venezuela: Insurance coverage in organization (Available in about 4-8 weeks)

2. How are the mining devices secured?

All locations: camera surveillance
Russia: additional alarm system and armed guard service
Venezuela: 24/7 security service on site

3. Where exactly are the devices located?

5 locations in Venezuela
2 locations in Russia (Krasnoyarsk and Karelia)
2 locations in the USA (North Carolina and Pennsylvania)
1 location in Paraguay
*Exact addresses for security reasons only after signature and payment

4. How are the miners air-conditioned?

An air cooling system is used at all locations to cool the miners.

5. Is there remote maintenance and can you change your pool?

Customers can monitor and control the miners in the pool account. If there are any changes, our remote tech team is happy to help, which usually implements changes within a few hours. Ticket system will be introduced promptly.

6. Which pool do you use and do you have access to the coins?

We use the mining pool We never have access to your coins.

7. What happens if a miner is broken?

If a miner is defective within the warranty period (usually 12 months), we automatically take care of the repair process with the manufacturer. However, should a miner fail outside of the manufacturer's warranty, the device will first be examined at one of our repair centers to identify the fault. Customers then receive a cost estimate for the repair, which they can agree to. (depending on the error, this costs between 100-600 USD

8. Can I see photos or videos of the facility?

We can send you photos on request.

9. Who owns the miners?

Upon completion of the purchase agreement, customers become the legal owners of the mining hardware and this status remains independent of the hosting partner.

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